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This is a disassembly guide created by PotterPCRepair for the HP G71. Click on images to enlarge pictures and get detailed instructions. You can use this guide along with the Service Manual. [Download below]

Hard Drive Cover Removed  Remove  Memory Module and Battery Cover HP G71  Memory and Wifi Cover Removed  Back Covers Removed HP G71 

Remove Wi-Fi Module HP G71  Remove HP G71 Components  Disconect Keyboard Signal Cable HP G71  HP G71 Keyboard Removed 

HP G71 Disassemble Pic    HP G71 Keyboard Cover Removed  HP G71 Keyboard Cables Removed 

HP G71 Keyboard Cover Removed       

  HP G71 Disassembly Guide  HP G71 Removal Process  How to Remove HP G71 Display 

HP G71 LCD Display Removed  HP G71  Repair Guide  HP G71 Disassemble Guide   

HP G71 Top Cover Removed  HP G71 Motherboard Removal  HP G71 Audio Board and Power Cable Removal  HP G71 Motherboard Removed  Click link Below to Download Service Manual

  HP G71 Service Manual.pdf  [Download save and go to page 47]

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